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    SubjectRe: Netscape broken with 2.2.0-pre7
    Netscape 3.x and 4.x use a previous generation of the
    NSPR library. In the user-level thread scheduling area,
    there is no code in common with the current NSPR v3.0,
    which used in the Mozilla browser. So looking at
    the NSPR v3.0 source code to track down a bug in
    Netscape 4.x could be misleading.

    The periodic SIGALRM signals are used by both the
    first and second generation of NSPR to implement
    pre-emptive user-level thread scheduling. So the
    SIGALRM signals are normal.

    (I am working on the current generation of NSPR.)

    My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my group.

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