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    Subjectserial port trouble in 2.2.0pre6
    I've seen similar posts to this one, but no good responses.

    Since going from 2.0.36 to 2.2.0pre6 (to get parport features), when my
    rc.local sets up my fourth serial port for the attached text terminal:

    /bin/setserial -v /dev/ttyS3 irq 11

    I get the famous "device or resource busy" message. Worse, if my PPP
    connection dies, it cannot restart because attempts to get at /dev/modem
    (/dev/ttyS1) suddenly receive the same message.

    So far all I can do to free up the modem port is to restart. When I do,
    prior to the shutdown, /dev/modem somehow becomes available again and
    the modem begins dialing. I'd like to figure out what process is being
    killed that suddenly makes the modem available. Better, I'd like to
    figure out what it is about this kernel that is making it so hard to
    configure and use my serial ports.

    /. \ Gregory Fall Phone: 734-913-4662
    \/ / University of Michigan Fax: 734-763-7130
    \ \ 2455 Hayward Street email:
    __/_/ Ann Arbor, MI 48109

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