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    SubjectRe: *** draft 3 - press release ***
    > Today the Linux software development team, led by Linus Torvalds release a 
    > major new of the the Linux operating system. This update brings advanced
    > scalability, broad support for newer hardware, and a large collection of


    [press hat on]

    Linux 2.2, has been releaed by the Linux(R) software development team. Led
    by Linus Torvalds the rising star of the Open Source(R) software movement this
    major revision of the Linux operating system brings end users leading
    edge hardware and software feature sets.

    > * Video capture support, TV tuner support, simplified audio support,
    > and other multimedia enhancements.

    simplified audio sounds like its crap 8).

    * Video capture and TV tuner support allowing users to leverage the latest
    multimedia technology on a high stability production platform.

    > * Support for a large variety of parallel port devices including
    > disk drives, tape drives, and other easy-to-use external devices.

    Extensive support for parallel port disk, tape and CD-ROM devices for a high
    quality mobile user experience.

    > * Greater performance, especially while under heavy load or while
    > running on computers with multiple processors.

    The already legendary linux performance is significantly enhanced. High end
    SMP scaling gives good performance on 12 processor machines. Linux 2.2 supports
    up to 64 processor systems.

    [true - sparcs...]

    > processors, including the 64-bit Alpha and Sparc 64 are also


    > supported. Support is widely available via both traditional contracts
    "traditional contracts" / "vendor sevice contracts"
    > and cost-effective Internet groups. Linux is provided under an

    > unlimited-use license that lets users make in-house customizations
    > to the system itself. Initial estimates suggest that Linux had 10
    > to 20 million users at the end of 1998.

    [Also cite the growth rate survey and reference it]

    > Linus Torvalds, originally from Finland, lives with his family in Santa
    > Clara CA, USA. He and others created Linux as an alternative to
    > commercial operating systems after becoming disillusioned with the
    > poor quality of commercial alternatives.
    > For more information, see www.Linux.ORG and
    > Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. PowerMac is a trademark of
    > Apple Computer, Inc. NT and NTFS are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
    UltraSparc is a trademark of Sparc (I think), Alpha is a trademark of
    someone too.

    "All other trademarks recognized"

    You should also quote a URL of Linux press contacts - I've got a table of
    some vendor contacts, and a web site scan should find others.

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