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Subject2.2.0-pre7: IDE kills aic7xxx
I've been having trouble with the aic7xxx driver locking up during SCSI
probe, and have tracked it down to a clash with the IDE subsystem. If
IDE is enabled, either compiled in or as a module (i.e., whether it
starts before or after aic7xxx), aic7xxx gets what appear to be spurious
interrupts. I'm also seeing PCI bus parity errors and PCI Master Abort
interrupts in aic7xxx. It doesn't seem to matter whether the IDE drive
is being run with DMA or PIO, the results are the same. Everything
works fine if I turn off IDE support completely.

One weird aspect of this is that if I boot once with IDE support turned
off, and then reboot with IDE on, everything seems to work on that first
reboot, but subsequent boots with IDE enabled fail, until I get all the
way through a bootup with IDE turned off.

These devices coexist fine in 2.0.35. The last development kernel that
I know for sure worked was 2.1.128, modulo the UP flu.

The IDE controller is a Promise DC20246 (Ultra33), BIOS 1.23, and the
drive is a (from 2.0.35) "IBM-DHEA-36480, 6149MB w/476kB Cache,
CHS=13328/15/63, UDMA". The SCSI card is an Adaptec 2940UW, BIOS 1.23,
and the primary drive is a Quantum Atlas (XP34300W). The system is a
PPro 200, Intel Venus motherboard, BIOS 1.18.

I'd be happy to provide more detail if anyone can tell me what would be
useful. Doug Ledford appears to be on vacation, so he won't be able to
look at this for a few days.

PGP fingerprint: 32 8A E8 24 A1 46 26 BC F9 9D 0E B6 81 A9 02 0C


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