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    SubjectRe: *** next draft - press release *** (Robert Kiesling)  wrote on 15.01.99 in <m101F0s-0000WQC@libsurf>:

    > > I don't think leaving a press release to the Linux vendors is a good idea
    > > in the long term. Competition is a "good thing", IMHO, and the market
    > > needs to understand that the Linux vendors are primarily "editors"; that
    > > (most, but not all of) the real work gets done by groups elsewhere.
    > I don't think that's accurate at all. Editors are not only there to
    > catch errors and assign stories, they perform the function of deciding
    > what makes it into print and what doesn't, according to a number of
    > criteria. That is nowhere near the role of a vendor or reseller.

    Seems to be a pretty accurate description of what the people creating
    Distributions actually do.

    MfG Kai

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