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SubjectRe: Lance driver sick with 2.2.0-prex changes
On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Alan Cox wrote:

> > It's a UP system, have tried both UP and SMP kernels in the
> > past, and seen no problems with either, so been using SMP by habit.
> > Admit I haven't tried UP since about 2.1.124, so I guess that's a good
> > thought. If that fixes it, will report later this evening and hide my
> > red face.
> It should work even if it is an SMP kernel, but that would change why it might
> not be working
OK, built a UP version of pre6 and tried for 2 hours last
evening, worked OK. This morning it was alive, but receive channel of
etho in ifconfig had accumulated about 4000 errors. About an hour later
the net died with same symptoms.

Probably unrelated: Tried building pre7, both UP and SMP. No
problem with build, but unusable. At boot i get:
Loading pre7............

Uncompressing Linux...

Out of memory

-- System halted

and there it sits. With 64MB usable, I suspect the error message is
inexact. Haven't had that problem for literally years, and I can't
recall what the problem was then. Backing out the pre7 patches builds a
"good" pre6 kernel as before, and the failure reproduces both SMP and
UP. Looks like it's my week/month for troubles, after several months of
clear sailing.

Bill Earnest Linux Powered Allentown, PA, USA
Computers, like air conditioners, work poorly with Windows open.

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