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    SubjectRe: linux-kernel's extremely slow turnaround time
    "Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH" <> said:
    > In message <>,
    > Dag
    > Wieers writes:
    > +-----
    > | > How about compiling majordomo then? The latest perls have (experimental)
    > | > support for compiling to binary.
    > | if i'm not mistaken before perl4 you could convert your perl-scripts to
    > | perl-bytecode. but as perl matured that option was silently removed
    > | (because it wasn't cross-platform anymore ?)
    > | i can't find the original faq to point to ;/
    > +--->8

    > Because it worked by forcing the Perl script to dump core, then using undump
    > to convert the result to an executable. Nonportable (undump is impossible
    > on some architectures), forces formerly shared data and sometimes shared
    > code to be non-shared, and can do strange and/or ugly things (or not work at
    > all) if shared libraries are involved. (Which they often are in Perl5 ---
    > hasn't I/O been moved to a .xs module?)

    Note I was talking about the Perl compiler (--> C) that is now part of
    perl5. The perl4 kludge is dead and buried.
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