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SubjectRe: Open by inode? (was Re: knfsd)
> Note that open-by-inode() is fundamentally broken, and will not be
> implemented. There are several reasons:
> - it bypasses directory-based security.

This is irrelevant for root.

> - it breaks any filesystems that don't work by inode number. For
> example, a number of filesystems _need_ to know the full pathname:
> any well-thought-out network filesystem (and no, I don't consider NFS
> to be well-thought-out) will use pathnames, and even local
> filesystems like a basic cdrom filesystem needs to know the full path

Both AFS and Coda have a 4*32bit identifier on each file. Therefore,
don't call it open_by_inode(), call it open_by_handle(), it is much
more general.

> (iso9660 does not have ".." on disk - so you need to know your path
> in order to know where ".." is)

Why do you have to know where .. is in order to open a file?

Some file systems may not be able to implement open_by_handle(), but
then, what's the problem? Then they just can't be used for speeding
things up.


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