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    SubjectRe: US relaxes crypto restrictions?
    Alexander Kjeldaas wrote:
    > According to
    > the US will relax its crypto restrictions to a point where exporting
    > DES is legal. This potentially means that a lot of stuff that hasn't
    > been in the kernel now could be integrated.
    > Is anybody aware of the exact nature of the policy change? What about
    > hooks for stronger crypto? If we're lucky, this means that the core
    > of the international kernel patch including DES could be distributed
    > together with the kernel. This could be a great step forward for the
    > security of the Internet.
    > Some US people need to take a closer look at the new restrictions and
    > maybe even some paperwork needs to be done.
    > astor

    This one thing stopping the restrictions from here but in a few countries
    like France, Iran, Iraq, Russia, to encript is a act of war. Until those
    stupid laws are changed they would not be able to use our version of the
    kernel. I think we should still have a kernel with security but provide
    a version for those countries where it is illegal to use good encription.

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