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SubjectRe: [Off-Topic] Distribution 2.2-ready
Benjamin Scherrey wrote:

> Please correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Suse still libc5? Personally I don't
> even want to mess with anything other than glib at this point in time.. i.e. I'm
> trying to keep up to date.
> Brian Schau wrote:
> > Suse 6.0 claims to be 2.2-ready. (And it rocks, too! ;o)

The German edition of SuSE-6.0, I received some days before Christmas, is based on
* glibc-2.0.7pre6
* egcs-1.1.1
* linux-2.0.36

Most of the binary rpms are compiled against this setup (2.0.36!!).

Many of the sources-rpms are rather recent versions - most of them are recent
enough for 2.2.X. Some of the essential ones are too old, however (e.g SuSE still
uses modutils-2.1.85). After upgrading to 2.2.0 requirements and fixing several
nasty tiny bugs (6.*0* :-), I've finally been able to run kernels > 2.1.131 on top
of SuSE-6.0 more or less stable. There still are some issues, some of them are
SuSE-specific, some of them glibc/egcs/2.2.X related - Does that count as


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