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    SubjectRe: dcache problems with vfat

    On 11 Jan 1999, Magnus Ahltorp wrote:

    > > > The dentry for the root of a mounted filesystem is returned by
    > > > d_alloc_root() and is unhashed.
    > >
    > > Umm... Little addition: this function is used to allocate dentries for
    > > sockets and pipes. IMHO they should have separate superblocks (maybe
    > > one for each address family).
    > Maybe even some generic d_alloc_root that stores a text string
    > describing the type, like "socket" and "pipe", as to make it possible
    > to create other roots (and be able to output something in /proc/*/fd/)?

    Magnus, do you remember the thread re: exporting get_empty_filp()? What
    I've meant back then was to have separate lists of struct file's, one per
    superblock. Get a superblock per address family (and one for pipes) and
    allocate root for it *once*. Then allocate normal dentries under said root
    putting names a-la AF_UNIX-12345. BTW, separate lists of struct file's
    would allow *much* cleaner code around tty's and much simpler scanning
    phase in AF_UNIX garbage collector. No need to keep reference from socket
    to file, BTW. (It's a layering violation, plain and simple; especially
    unpleasant since sometimes we count said refecerence and sometimes we
    don't. Could you spell file leaks?) I didn't finish this work yet but I'll
    return to it in a week or so.
    D'oh. With all that heap of code I'll probably just follow Alan's
    example and will carry a separate tree (-bird). Part will (I hope) make
    its way to 2.2, the rest... well, 2.3 <shrug>

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