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SubjectRe: C++ in kernel (was Re: exception in a device driver)
In article <>,
Chip Salzenberg <> writes:
>We're doing such a complete rewrite with Perl right now. It's a
>big project, even though the fine points of Perl aren't nearly as
>razor-sharp as the fine points of Linux.

You mean you're rewriting Perl in C++? I hope I just misunderstood..
If, however, that's what you're saying then I'll stay with the last C
version of Perl, that's for sure.

C++ code not maintained by the original developer seems to end up
unmaintained almost always.
(e.g. who's been fixing groff the last years? Nobody. I remember
struggling with a sick groff problem once, turned out the compiler didn't
generate correct code for one slightly complicated statement. There are
far more bugs in C++ compilers, as an example look at the bug reports on
comp.sys.sgi. The number of bug reports on C++ is one or two orders of
magnitude higher than for the C compiler. It won't change either, C++
compilers are harder to get right than C compilers.)

As far as I'm concerned I'm done with C++ forever. Even thinking of the
fact that I thought C++ was a pretty good idea some years back is
quite embarrassing now.

- Tor

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