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SubjectA very bad report re 2.2.0preX
First, I apologize for the lack of detailed information, but I really
don't know how to obtain it :)

Basically, my complaint is concerning HD access. It seems that the disk
buffers get, ummmm, stuck? filled?, with previous accesses so much that
when you do something /new/, it takes a VERY long time for it to work[1].

An example:

If I'm just using my machine normally; reading mail, doing some greps,
launching xemacs, and I do a "man foobar", it takes at least __15
seconds__ for the man page to appear. This wasn't the case in the 2.1.<130
kernels (certainly not in 2.1.125 which was my previous "stable"
experimental release).


If I'm reading a 1000 message mail folder in Pine, and switch to another
folder with ~1000 messages, it takes around 1-2 _MINUTES_ for pine to
complete saving the previous folder and open the new one. Again, in
2.1.125 this took at most 30s.

And another:

If I do something highly disk i/o, like "find /", the kernel will allocate
SO MUCH space to buffers that it starts to swap out other real programs.
This seems really bad to me. After all, aren't the buffers suppose to be
allocate from free memory? And besides, with 192MB of ram, I don't see why
it would need 150MB of disk buffers anyhoot.

If someone has a series of tests that I could run and return the results,
I'm more than willing to do so.


[1] Probably the worst sentance I've ever written.
[2] Sysinfo at

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