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SubjectMM deadlock [was: Re: arca-vm-8...]

I've found an another deadlock.
Two processes were locked trying to grab an inode write semaphore.
Their call traces are (in diff format):

Using `map-2.2.0pre5-1' to map addresses to symbols.

Trace: c010f038 <__down+58/90>
Trace: c018d080 <__down_failed+8/c>
Trace: c011abaa <filemap_write_page+a6/15c>
Trace: c011acad <filemap_swapout+4d/60>
Trace: c011e2ae <try_to_swap_out+10a/1ac>
Trace: c011e45a <swap_out_vma+10a/174>
Trace: c011e521 <swap_out_process+5d/8c>
Trace: c011e60b <swap_out+bb/e4>
Trace: c011e75b <try_to_free_pages+4b/70>
Trace: c011ef61 <__get_free_pages+b5/1dc>
-Trace: c0119cd7 <try_to_read_ahead+2f/124>
-Trace: c011a970 <filemap_nopage+170/304>
-Trace: c0118888 <do_no_page+54/e4>
-Trace: c01189e4 <handle_mm_fault+cc/168>
+Trace: c0118375 <do_wp_page+19/210>
+Trace: c0118a3a <handle_mm_fault+122/168>
Trace: c010ce9f <do_page_fault+143/364>

I suspect that one of the processes grabbed the semaphore and then deadlocked
trying to do it again. Probably the process invoked write()
with the data having been swapped out. The page fault handler
tried to free some memory and try_to_free_pages decided to write
out dirty pages of a shared mapping. By accident the dirty pages
happened to belong to the file the process had started to write to.

A simple solution will be to check if the inode semaphore is held
before trying to write pages out and skip the mapping if it is.
However it doesn't seem to be a very good solution because if the most
memory is occupied by dirty pages of a shared mapping then
writing the pages out is the most right thing to do.

Best wishes
Andrey V.

On Thu, Jan 07, 1999 at 02:57:34PM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Confirmed. Hpa was good enough to reproduce this, and my debugging code
> caught the (fairly deep) deadlock:
> system_call ->
> sys_write ->
> ext2_file_write ->
> ext2_getblk ->
> ext2_alloc_block -> ** gets superblock lock **
> ext2_new_block ->
> getblk ->
> refill_freelist ->
> grow_buffers ->
> __get_free_pages ->
> try_to_free_pages ->
> swap_out ->
> swap_out_process ->
> swap_out_vma ->
> try_to_swap_out ->
> filemap_swapout ->
> filemap_write_page ->
> ext2_file_write ->
> ext2_getblk ->
> ext2_alloc_block ->
> __wait_on_super ** BOOM - we want the superblock lock again **

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