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Subject2.2.0-pre2 seems faster than 2.1.132, but SCSI problem?
Hi all.

After some hours of using 2.2.0-pre2, I have the subjective feeling that
starting some applications is faster than before. In a Pentium-class machine,
128Mb [1] memory, Netscape (the big dinosaur^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hbrowser, you know)
seems to load faster, and it definitely is when starting an xterm. Good job.

I can read QIC-80 tapes, I was concerned about the previous negative report of
somebody (sorry, can't remember).

Everything seems to work Ok, except for a SCSI scanner, and it doesn't work
with 2.0.36-pre-something. It works in that GUI from Redmond, though (same
machine), so I think the problem may be in the drivers. I am reporting this to
the 'sane' people, as perhaps the problem is not in the SCSI driver. I am
using an Artec AT12 scanner and NCR53C810 host card. The first time it scans
very well, but next time there is an I/O error and the scanner seems to be
dead. If I try again, the computer seems to freeze (I haven't a monitor
attached to it, every scan is done through the network).

Just in case anybody has experimented the sane, er, the same.


[1] No, having 128Mb is not very different from 64 or from 48: Netscape still
is a snail when starting. I hope the new Mozilla will at least equal lynx in
speed and memory consumption :)

Francisco Rodrigo Escobedo Robles - Sending from home
ax25:ea7abo - -
This message is just my opinion right now

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