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SubjectRe: short display with 2.1.132-ac3, matroxfb and XF86_SVGA 3.3.3
In <> Linus Torvalds <> writes:

>Good. However, some interaction does seem to exist, as I've gotten reports
>of the Matrox X server being extremely slow to paint the screen with the
>new framebuffer code as of 2.1.132. That must be something else than just

I sent in one of those reports. Some testing I did over Christmas revealed that
the problem exists ONLY when I use the Accelerated X server (v. 4.1.2) combined
with the matroxfb framebuffer console.

matroxbf and the XFree86 SVGA server (v 3.3.3) get along just fine, it seems.
So that's what I'm running now :-)

All of this on a Matrox G200 AGP card, running 1024x768.

Henrik Storner
Praeterea censeo, Microsoftem esse delendam!

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