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    SubjectRe: bogous binfmt_misc patch in 2.2.0-pre1
    > According to Alan Cox:
    > > Michael Chastain and others have been talking about this - there is a possible
    > > 'solution' for 2.3.x - which is to add a
    > >
    > > requires CONFIG_something CONFIG_somethingelse
    > >
    > > at the end of the scripts.
    > That may not be enough. You should consider allowing full boolean
    > expressions, and/or allowing pseudo-config variables that are implied
    > by others. I'm thinking of Debian's packag dependencies as a model.

    You do. The test patch ends up forcing you to make oldconfig and go around and
    fix stuff. The problem is deep and fundamental - you have to say what you
    need not what you want. In effect configuration is upside down - and I suspect
    it'll stay that way for 2.2.


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