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SubjectRe: [offtopic] Re: I2c was: Cobalt Micro (was Re: Build your own Mo therboards)
On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, Daniel Engstrom wrote:

> On 8 Sep, David Lang wrote:
> > it arbitrates the but by listening to the bus as it transmits, if it hears
> > something different then it is transmitting it stops transmitting and the
> > other station continues (the first thing it transmits is it's own id # and
> > the node with more 1 bits in it's address will win as it will transmit a 1
> > while the other node transmits a 0, the 1 will make it on the bus and the
> > other node will stop)
> That would be a CAN bus arbitration....
> Or maybe I2C uses the same method...
> /Daniel

The IIC bus has no arbitration capability at all. One checks a busy
bit to see if it is ready. If not busy, one sends data (address first).
The receiving machine ACKs every bus state change.

Since two (or more) parties can think the bus is free at the same time,
clashes are possible. This will hang the IIC bus. Therefore, once the
bus is crashed, both parties have to reinitialize their controllers to
make the bus free. Since the possibility exists that both parties will
detect a crashed bus at the same time, and attempt to reinitialize the
bus at the same time, deadlocks can (read will) occur.

Therefore, everybody on the bus has to use a pseudo-random back-off-time to
resolve deadlocks.

Further, since everything is done in software, fast machines can send
data faster than slow machines can receive it. This means the fast
machine must artificially slow down data transmission to match the
slowest receiver.

This is an awful bus in all respects. It was a way to make (free) software
replace (non-free) hardware. I have assembly-language source-code (Intel
real-mode) if anybody is interested.

Dick Johnson
Penguin : Linux version 2.1.118 on an i586 machine (66.15 BogoMips).
Warning : It's hard to remain at the trailing edge of technology.

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