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SubjectSB16 module problem after 2.1.115 (heads up: Peter Rasmussen <>)
> Until about 2.1.104 I could use my SoundBlaster 16 all right, and as it is a
> PNP board I use the terrific isapnp tool first to configure it. However, with
> kernels 2.1.115, 117, 119 and now 120 I always get errors like the following
> when I do "insmod sound":
> /lib/modules/2.1.120/misc/sound.o: unresolved symbol unregister_sound_dsp
> /lib/modules/2.1.120/misc/sound.o: unresolved symbol __global_cli
> /lib/modules/2.1.120/misc/sound.o: unresolved symbol unregister_sound_midi
> /lib/modules/2.1.120/misc/sound.o: unresolved symbol register_sound_dsp
> /lib/modules/2.1.120/misc/sound.o: unresolved symbol register_sound_mixer
> /lib/modules/2.1.120/misc/sound.o: unresolved symbol unregister_sound_mixer
* and more *

I believe some where around there that the config options changed
completely. Remove all your sound related things in your config and
reset it up. I had to do this when going from 2.1.102 (I think it was)
to 2.1.106. My SB16 ASP (one of the first SB16's out there... got it
only a few weeks after it came out I believe) works great with 2.1.119
(it also did with 2.1.106 but I got a new motherboard and CPU that
2.1.106 started having problems with). Beware 2.1.120 though, if you
are watching this list you see that it has PROBLEMS.

Trever Adams

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