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SubjectRe: Is Plug-n-Play capibility supported in Linux?
On Mon, 7 Sep 1998, Robert Butler wrote:

> I'm going to port the Win95 plug-n-play network card driver to UNIX
> systems. Just wondering where I can get the information about it? Any
> pointers will be highly appreciated. I've heard something called "hot
> swap" is it the plug-n-play alike function?

'the Win95 plug-n-play network card driver' ?!? No wonder 95's networking
sucks so bad! Only one driver! :) :) :)

I'll assume you ment 'Im going to port the driver for a specific card to
Linux is PNP supported?'. Yes, ISAPNP devices are supported, there is a
userspace util that sets their location. Yes, PCI devices are supported
and are fully PNP. Just look at the excelent drivers for 3com cards. :)

Now? What network card is this? I'm not aware of too many network cards
Linux DOESN'T support (I beleve it supports quite a few more then NT)?

Also, unless this card is wildly differnt from other cards out there, it
would probably be alot easier to modify an existing driver then to port a
windows driver.

More information would be greatly appricated. :)

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