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Subject2.1.120 and ssh-agent auth. forwarding
[crossposted: linux-kernel and netdev]


I see the following very peculiar problem:

A: running ssh-agent, ssh-add, ssh-connection to Bx
Bx: loging off -> normal behaviour
but Bx: ssh to Cy (auth forwarding), then logging off
-> "Waiting for forwarded connections to terminate..."
and two open UNIX sockets on Bx per previously forwarded connection

That's only happening if Linux kernel 2.1.120 is running on A, not if
any previous kernel version. All other software/configuration unchanged.
(ssh 1.2.25 on A, different sshd/ssh on different Bx etc.)

Any idea? Confused,

_ | Lutz Pressler | Tel: ++49-551-3700002
|_ |\ | | Service Network GmbH | FAX: ++49-551-3700009
._|ER | \|ET | Hannah-Vogt-Strasse 1 | mailto:lp@SerNet.DE
Service Network | D-37085 Goettingen | http://www.SerNet.DE/

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