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SubjectRe: Cobalt Micro (was Re: Build your own Motherboards)
> You might want to look at the PIC 16C7x range of processors. They're
> pretty cheap and do I2C, and have an EPROM built in. You can program

Um... no...

The PIC16C7x devices are fully-capable I2C *SLAVES*... they require
software to do I2C mastering or multi-mastering... I use the PIC16C77
in my solid state reduced voltage starters at work here. While it's
not hard to add mastering you can't just plug it in and make it work,
you need to add the functionality. That series however does have
hardware assistance (they will interrupt on start and stop conditions
for you, but it's not terribly useful).

AFAIK the only fully master-capable PICs are the 17C75x, but they're
*big*... Nice, but *big*. :-)


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