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SubjectRe: patch for NFS rename -- please test!
Steven N. Hirsch wrote:

> The 'ddd' debugger front-end now works correctly when saving its session
> files to an NFS-mounted directory. I have seen no other ill effects.
> Thanks for fixing this!

Good, glad to hear it's fixed.

> On another matter, while exporting mounts with wildcards does nominally
> work, big problems occur if the server is restarted after clients have
> established a mount based upon such permissions. I believe the problem
> stems from the client not appearing specifically in the xtab file. The
> only way I can recover is to explicitly create an export entry for that
> client after restart - which sort of defeats the whole point behind
> wildcards..
> Is there any remedy feasible?

I've followed the messages about this problem, but am hoping that it can
be fixed in userland by changing the knfsd mount/export utilities. For
example, could the wildcarding be handled by generating the equivalent
file on the fly?

I'd really rather not make further changes to the knfsd kernel code if


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