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SubjectRe: F00F...
On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Ruediger Oertel wrote:

> so the problems are detected, measures taken and I won't worry :-)
> I guess it's just the code that gives the values in /proc thats
> buggy .... well, sorry but I'm missing the time for a closer look.

Earlier I reported that the f00f workaround was not enabled on my
computer. I was partly in error. A few minutes ago, after unmounting my
disks, I did this:

[root@Sleepy /root]# ./f00f
Illegal Instruction
[root@Sleepy /root]# ./f00f

[machine hangs]

I think there is a real problem with the f00f workaround in recent

It's a dual pentium 133 system, Intel 430HX chipset, stock kernel 2.1.119,
stable hardware. Could someone please look into this? I'm a kernel tester,
not a kernel hacker, but I'd be happy to try and help someone track this


David Whysong
Astrophysics graduate student University of California, Santa Barbara
PGP public keys available at
DSS PGP Key 0x903F5BD6 : FE78 91FE 4508 106F 7C88 1706 B792 6995 903F 5BD6
D-H PGP key 0x5DAB0F91 : BC33 0F36 FCCD E72C 441F 663A 72ED 7FB7 5DAB 0F91

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