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    SubjectRe: Module Ideas: Persistence, PnP, and more...
    On Sat, 5 Sep 1998, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > But putting all settings in one memory block, adding this block's address
    > > to struct module, changing all modules to conform, *AND* adding a syscall
    > > is (IMO) even messier.
    > The blocks are easy. Use another ELF section for it
    > __persistent int foo

    *gulp* I just didn't think about this. Silly me.

    > > Another point: if we use a separate program than rmmod to read the
    > > settings, it may be able to access settings of compiled-in drivers using a
    > > ksyms-like interface.
    > That might be useful. Alternatively it might be a subtle hint we should
    > use sysctl() for all of it

    I don't think so; textual sysctl is a lot to write (= more code bloat),
    and has the initialization problems I already mentioned (like with sound
    mixer settings). But maybe we can automatically export a /proc file for
    each module, with its current settings magically read from its settings
    block (as all settings blocks will, presumably, have a uniform structure).
    (The /proc code can be common to all drivers, so it won't have noticable

    > > And the parameter name conventions, plus the extensions to parameter
    > > definition syntax, are what makes this scheme feasible.
    > With name data you can actually write a seperate X11 module configuration
    > tool

    I've already mentioned this in my original post--- I suggested using this
    info in kernelcfg.


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