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    SubjectRe: Module Ideas: Persistence, PnP, and more...
    On 4 Sep 1998, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > > >1. Persistence
    > >
    > > >One of the major pitfalls with current module support is that user
    > > >settings are not saved between uses of a module. This includes both
    > > >`initialization' settings (set using `parm=xxx' at insmod time) and
    > > >runtime-tunable settings (such as sound volume).
    > I thought there was already a way to get "insmod" to keeppersistent
    > data for the module?

    No--- there was some framework done for this, but it depended on kerneld
    and so was rendered useless when kerneld died.

    (And good riddance, too; it was an extremely cumbersome method, with the
    driver sending messages to kerneld to record keyed information into a
    database or query the database by key... So it had the same purpose as
    the module parameters mechanism, just with outcalls for keeping the
    settings, and it required some kernel code changes to support it, which
    are (IMO) superflous...)


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