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SubjectRe: Module Ideas: Persistence, PnP, and more...
On Fri, 4 Sep 1998, Helge Hafting wrote:
> Alon Ziv <alonz@cs.Technion.AC.IL> said:
> >1. Persistence
> >One of the major pitfalls with current module support is that user
> >settings are not saved between uses of a module. This includes both
> >`initialization' settings (set using `parm=xxx' at insmod time) and
> >runtime-tunable settings (such as sound volume).
> I see a possible problems here. What if I run
> a module with 'parm=xxx', removes it, and then want to run it witout xxx?
> Will I have to remember that I used 'xxx' last time and use
> 'parm=no_xxx'? I may even not know that some previous user used the
> module with 'parm=xxx'
> This could get messy if 'xxx' is a powerful parameter.

My suggestion does not change direct usage of insmod / rmmod (in fact, as
I said, maybe rmmod itself shouldn't change at all). It only changes the
behavious when modules are loaded / unloaded automagically (kmod black
magic), or when a bus manager comes into play (isapnp / pcmcia).

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