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    SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] Re: Virtual Machines, JVM in kernel
    Jamie Lokier <> writes:
    > Anyway, you can prove that _some_ C programs don't do dangerous things.
    > Or that they don't do _some_ dangerous things.

    Yes, but there are a lot of dangerous things that can be done in C. It
    would be a little annoying when your program, despite being quite
    safe, gets rejected by the automatic prover because it can't quite
    make it.

    > Consider the threads
    > about analysing the kernel source to see that non-interrupt-safe
    > functions aren't called from interrupts, locks are not held by the wrong
    > functions etc.

    Fine, I'm sure that much is achievable for realistic code. However, I
    suspect that it would be easy to write "unrealistic" code designed to
    fool the analyser.

    Any realistic automated program analysis has to attempt a "proof", but
    if that doesn't work in a reasonable amount of time, give up and make
    a safe assumption instead. For loading untrusted code into a kernel,
    the safe assumption would be that the code is dangerous, and so should
    not be admitted. So for this to be useful, it has to be shown that the
    some C programs that are accepted include quite a lot of realistic

    Dave Wragg

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