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SubjectPatches Web Site/Newgroup?
On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, Tim Smith wrote:

> On Wed, 30 Sep 1998 wrote:
> > The best way to do this that I can think of at the moment would be
> > to have a mailing address where patches are sent that is then converted into
> > a simple web page that lists email address the patch originated, any line
> > that has 'DESC:' at the beginning of it, and a link to either the actual
> > email or just the patch itself.
> How about a moderated newsgroup (with several moderators to keep that
> from becoming a bottleneck)? This would make it easy for people to
> see the patches, easy for people who test them to submit reviews or
> comments or fixes, and the threading and scoring capabilities of
> most good news readers would make it much easier for people to ignore
> those things they are not interested in and follow those they are.

A newsgroup sounds like a reasonable idea, though w/ an email-based
system one could actually test things like compile-ability, and/or other
automated systems, though one could easily enough export the newsgroup and
do the same thing... Hmmm..

> > This email address could also CC: Linus everything it receives so
> > that even if this was not a plausible way for Linus to traditionally receive
> > patches others could use it to see what people have submitted, and perhaps
> > Linus could check it to see if some things didn't make it to him.
> A newsgroup would be easier for Linus to check than email.

Well, in the end it is for Linus to decide, though I agre it would
seem easier provided one had a good news-reader.

> > This could also promote wider testing of new patches before they hit
> > the mainstream, and in fact digests of the list could be sent out to those
> > that request it.
> A newsgroup works great for this.

So then we have two seemingly very viable and simple solutions for
Linus to perhaps think over and hopefully let us know if he'd be willing to
try one or the other.

> In fact, considering the volume of this mailing list, I sometimes think it
> too would work better as a moderated newsgroup.

Perhaps, though I suspect I for one at least would probably not follow
a linux-kernel newsgroup nearly as closely as I follow this mailing list.


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