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SubjectLinus stress-control vs. development
Hi again all,

I know this discussion is not really offtopic to the kernel list, since
Linus dropping packets dumping core has quite a lot if not everything to do
with kernel development, but would it be possible for someone to open a
"ways-to-make-things-easier-for-linus-so-his-head-does-not-explode-like-the-" mailing list. I'll do it, but I
only have an ISDN line and since this topic DOES require some attention, the
bandwidth police (AKA my boss) will probably not be too happy about that. I
do think this is important to discuss, but I also think the normal business
of the day is harder to follow this the discussion happening here.

If no one does it and people agree it's a good idea I'll do it regardless of
bandwidth. Please send simple "good idea/bad idea" responses to me and not
to the list.

-Eric ;-)

Eric Princen
Micro Analysis & Design

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