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SubjectRe: NFS question
> > Thanks for your bug report. Here is a patch. It is for Linux 2.1.123.
> > I think it should work for recent kernels also. Please let me know
> > if it fixes all the ro,root_squash bugs you have. If not, please
> > tell me how to recreate the bug. I am planning to make a new knfsd
> > soon.
> >
> > H.J.
> Hi H.J.,
> I think you may have misdiagnosed the problem Alex is reporting. What may be
> happening is that the file is executed on the client machine (as its permissions
> allow), and is then cached on the client side by the page cache. A subsequent
> attempt to read the file succeeds because of the cacheing.
> If this is what's happening, the fix needs to be made on the client side.

No. It is a kernel nfsd bug. Otherwise, we are saying our kernel nfsd
only works with Linux client if you export a fs with root_squash.

H.J. Lu (

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