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SubjectRe: Differences between FreeBSD and Linux system call mechanism
In article <>,
Joerg Pommnitz <> wrote:
>in freebsd-current Terry Lambert wrote:
> > Linux uses a call-gate based kernel entry, which is TSS based, and
> > therefore takes more CPU cycles on a contect switch than strictly
> > required. The FreeBSD mechanism for kernel entry (and subsequet
> > context switch) is threfore more efficient than that used by Linux.
>I'm starting to wonder. Terry normally knows what he is talking about,
>but this posting seems to contain various mistakes:

I agree. Terry tends to be fairly solid normally, but in this he's just
frothing at the mouth. As he would have known had he cared to actually
look at any benchmarks, which show that Linus system calls are faster
than under FreeBSD.


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