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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scheduler patch, faster still
[I'm not taking any sides in this flamewar. Just an unrelated comment.]

> almost completely irrelevant to a plain old user. I cannot think of one
> application that would be found in the typical office at present that
> actually would need real-time scheduling.

A box that acts as an answering machine via voice modem is an example
of a (hard!) realtime application in an office environment. It would
be a glorious waste to designate a CPU for that; at least the box has
also to do print server tasks which are obviously non-realtime. (Hard
realtime because even one missed character on the serial line can
cause complete desynchronization, depending on the compression used,
this means end of recording.)

If you leave the office and go home, basically all that "multimedia"
and game stuff is (soft) realtime applications.

> Also, as far as I can tell it would take a major rewrite of the
> scheduler to implement a second run queue. A nice project for version

I liked the QNX-type scheduler, if it only were a bit improved to
eliminate the deadlocks. Of course, that one _was_ a major rewrite.


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