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SubjectRe: 2.1.123 and fbcon.c
On Mon, Sep 28, 1998 at 05:35:28PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> >
> > And you think it's a good idea to have the linux community divide into to
> > parts: The Linus party and the VGER party?
> No. I've tried to tell the vger people that.
> The problem is that some people think that once they are in vger, they're
> golden and no longer have to worry. Those kinds of people I don't care
> about, I don't want to hear about, and I refuse to discuss with.
> David Miller spent an inordinate amount of time in getting the crap out of
> vger. That's good. He then sent me patches to sync up the parts he thought
> were fine. That's even better.
> The problem is that there's a ton of patches on vger, and some people do
> not understand the issue of "Code Freeze". They think that just because
> they had access to the CVS tree, they got under the code freeze somehow. I
> won't bother educating them any more.
> I'm still open to bug fixes, but they had better not be "go look at vger,
> some of the stuff there is bug-fixes". Anybody who thinks that that kind
> of approach works is pretty misguided.
> Linus

I see, it's not your fault.

I still think that you and DaveM and some others should really take care to
prevent a split. I think it's worth some effort.

We all know that there are and will be splits. But the problem is that
* vger is sort of important, because some really strong people use it
(DaveM ...)
* We're close to 2.2. It would just be stupid to miss some good bugfixes
just because some people were thinking it's OK to merge them into vger.

Seems it's hard for some of the vger people to accept that you are still the
Maintainer of the official release.

But please spend some time to have this cleared. And please tell us, what
the outcome of this is and whether one should care about vger, if we want to
fix things ...

Kurt Garloff, Dortmund
PGP key on

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