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SubjectRe: utility for testing ram?
Benjamin Grosman wrote:
> > Anyone know of a utility to extensively test a system's ram, in order to
> > determine whether the ram has any faults?
> I think there is one listed in the gcc sig11 howto/FAQ. Last time I
> checked there was one mentioned in there, which I used and which worked
> for me. (pointed out that I had faulty ram).

I took it out. When it detects memory errors, there must be an error
somewhere between your CPU and the memory. That's:

the CPU execution unit
the internal CPU bus to the First level cache
the first level cache
the bus to the second level cache.
the second level cache.
the bus to main memory, including the datapath chips of the chipset
the main memory.

Summarizing if you detect RAM errors, either by gcc crashing on a
kernel compile or by running any memory tester, either the CPU, the
motherboard, or the RAM is bad.

Changing any one of them might fix the problems, even if that
component isn't the guilty party.

gcc-compiling-the-kernel is the best memory test that I know of.

There still is a masters-thesis-level job to be done: find a way to
integrate whatever gcc does into a memory tester. I'm available as
an unofficial coach (i.e. I no longer work at a university where I
could try to persuade one of the students to take the challenge...)


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