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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scheduler patch, faster still
On Mon, 28 Sep 1998, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:

> Sometimes mathematicians get fed up when people repeatedly make claims
> that they can square the circle, and demand that their proofs must be
> right unless they can spot the error in the proof. While said
> mathematicians may end up being brusque dealing with such claims on
> sci.math, it doesn't change the fact that the mathematicians are right.
> (It's amsuing to see these folks claim that there must be a conspiracy
> to suppress their "wonderful" discovery --- and no, mathematicians
> aren't the only ones who get these kinds of claims. Physists get it all
> the time with perpetual motion machines.)

I read a bunch of the sci.* groups (includeing sci.math) and I can tell
you that none of them get more of those claims then sci.crypt, though the
compression groups are close.. :)

I used to have a regex parser to identify and destroy posts about
"perfectly secure encryption" or "compressing random data"..

It's very upsetting to see people so firmly wrong. I once got into a
yelling match on the telephone with a comp.compression poster who claimed
to have figured out how to compress ANY data by atleast 1bit.

The arguments against the possiblity of this are simple. Any five year old
could see it's impossible.. Yet these people persist..

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