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SubjectRe: Personalities and progress
On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, Tim Smith wrote:

> Actually, I don't see any reason to either CC or send directly to anyone
> involved in a discussion on this list. Why not send *only* to the list?
> If you send to both the list and a person, either directly or via CC,
> they just end up seeing the message twice.
> I'm sure there are exceptions, but in general, isn't sending only to the
> list the best thing to do?

2 things spring immediately to mind:

1) When a message is To: or CC: someone, it gets to them a lot faster
(sent directly instead of passing through vger's various degrees of
mailing-list constipation).

2) Some mail readers (f.e. Pine) provide visual cues for messages that
include your e-mail address in the To: line. This is immensely useful
when I'm scanning the 1000 messages in my INBOX for ongoing conversations
I'm involved in.

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