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    SubjectPersonalities and progress
    Hi all,

    I just wanted to quickly state that when geniuses come together, there are
    going to be conflicts. Strong egos can be both good and bad things, so lets
    just make sure we understand the way things are. I'm sure there is a good
    amount of pressure Linus is going through at Transmeta with the mystery
    chip(s) and trying to get 2.2.0 out sometime this millenium. He has final
    say on Linux. Period. It's his baby. Sometimes we may need to step back and
    realize what pressures he probably has on him (could you imagine having his
    Inbox? I wouldn't want it.) Lets not have this vger episode turn into
    something ugly. 2.1 has been a long and hard road that has taken its toll on
    everyone. Increased press has raised the pressure. Linus is in a position
    where sometimes he has to be very hard and steady to keep things on track.
    Some people don't like this. Step back and look at things objectively. Would
    we be here right now if Linus were not this way? I doubt it.

    I think we all agree that the FB guys have done some great stuff as has
    David Miller, Ted and all the other major kernel contributors. There has
    been too much flaming recently. I'm not in Richard's corner on his RT
    battle, but I think he may be taking more of a beating than he deserves.
    Lets just all step back, remember why we are here, have a beer if you want
    one, and send Linus the patches the way he wants them.

    This turned out to be longer than I wanted it to be and pardon me for
    wasting bandwidth. I think Linux's only threat for world domination is
    infighting. Lets not sink our own ship in the middle of this beautiful

    Thank you,

    -Eric ;-)

    Eric Princen
    Micro Analysis & Design

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