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SubjectRe: Building Big Ass Linux Machine, what are the limits?
On 28 Sep 1998 wrote:

> PPro, while a good CPU is getting old, the Quad board costs $1000, and
> the PII is probably cheaper. You should be able to put together a dual
> PII at 350MHz for the price of the Quad board alone, it will be as fast,
> and have higher memory bandwidth etc for free.

if you like to live dangerously :) getting the celeron 300A and
overclocking to 450 seems like the best bang for the buck right now. My
coworker reports this being rocksolid. Of course I wouldn't do this for a

> RAID mirroring is fast and reliable, but expensive, RAID striping with
> error correction, is cheaper in disk cost, but much slower writing.
> (When will we see a mirrored volume acting as a cache for a larger
> stripe/ecc volume? HP does something like this, I think)
> Last time the cache discussion was brought up - a long time ago, surely,
> it was concluded that controllers with cache was evil - or at best, a
> waste of money, and that that money was better spent on RAM, which is
> usually cheaper and faster, anyway. Has something changed?

The linux raid md stuff works amazingly well, at one point we had
something like a 67GB software raid5 here and it worked just fine except
when it crashed. Hope the journaling stuff is coming soon.

> > 2.0, almost; the 2.1/2.2 series is definately ready.
> Wouldn't you want to run 2.2.x, where x is large enough that most bugs
> have been weeded out of 2.2.0? 2.1 is still labeled "experimental", and
> there's been enough troubles with the latest kernels that I'd wait a bit
> longer for an enterprise-critical system.

AFAIK, there is no 2.2.x. =) We currently use 2.1.86+patches as our stable
kernel. People that live dangerously use the latest kernel currently at
2.1.123 (untested by me). So the "later" kernels are okay just not the


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