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SubjectRe: Building Big Ass Linux Machine, what are the limits?
Jim McQuillan <>:
> I need to build a big machine to replace a
> Compaq Proliant running SCO OpenServer.
> The system needs to run several Progress databases (12gb and growing)
> and I am
> looking for maximum disk throughput for about 150 users accessing via
> Telnet.
> Some are telling me that I should be looking at big hardware, such
> as HP9000, SGI or Sun. The type of equipment that would cost upwards of
> $100k.
> I want to try it with Linux.
> [description of minimum system requirements]

Talk to VA Research, <> These folks have lots
of experience building high-end server machines and preconfiguring
Linux for same. I've seen their stuff, and it's damn impressive,
including RAID with hot-swappable drives.

Furthermore, they're seriously hooked into the Linux community. Every
VAR machine features a Tux-the-penguin logo on the front. Linus's personal
machine was a gift from VAR. So is mine.
<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

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