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SubjectRe: nfs_lookup_revalidate: %s fh changed
> You're correct that the messages are for debugging, but I'm curious as to why
> you're getting so many. Which server are you using?

knfsd from 2.1.122, with both patches from the 980915 tools, and said

I have trivially changed the kernel to allow re-exporting an NFS
mounted filesystem(*), but the problem (if it is one) occurs outside
such a directory.


(*) Before anyone states that this is broken: I am in a situation
where I must re-export them, because the real client is on a network
without IP routing to the real server and NFS over masquerading
doesn't work because the server refuses requests from high numbered
ports (which took me some time and e-mail exchange with the admin to
find out). Hopefully I am correct with the assumption that the obvious
deadlock possibility is out here.

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