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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Speeding up FAT operations
Hi there.

On 23 Sep 1998, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

>> This may not mean much, but two years ago when I first started
>> learning a computer I was learning QBASIC. And I read a post
>> somewhere of an error in QBASIC that would allow you to make a
>> space in the name that no other program could read except another
>> QBASIC program that opened it the same way. It was something like
>> the following... (I haven't touched it for over a year and a half
>> so it may not be completely accurate)

>> open "blah hi" as binary #1 (or something like this)
>> print #1, "jkfsdjlkfsdjkl"
>> close #1

>> Then you can open "blah hi" with the QBASIC program again.

===8<=== CUT ===>8===

> No, this is due to the fact that space is actually a legal
> character in a filename in DOS; it is just that the command-line
> shell considered it a separator, as did most other programs. There
> were a grand many programs that would let you create such
> filenames, and read them just fine. You just couldn't mess with
> them in COMMAND.COM. I don't know if 4DOS allowed you to manipulate
> these files or not.

In fact, they COULD be 'messed with' from COMMAND.COM by the use of a
very simple trick: Try the following sequence:

Q> echo X > y
Q> ren y y?x
Q> dir y??

What files show?

Q> ren y?x test
Q> dir

Now what files show?

Note that ALL of the above commands are part of COMMAND.COM so...

Best wishes from Riley.

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