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SubjectRe: encrypted IP tunnel for 2.1?

> I have been looking for an encrypted IP tunnel for quite some time now,
> but haven't been able to locate one.
> While there seem to be numerous implementations of IPSEC, none of them
> supports 2.1. CIPE is only for 2.0, too.
> What is so difficult about 2.1?
> I mean, 2.0 already is obsolete and will be really obsolete when 2.2
> comes out, so I don't understand why the implementors aren't already
> writing their code for 2.1.
> Is there any encrypting IP tunnel for 2.1 out there that I missed?
> Anyone care to comment?

Have you considered ppp-over-ssh trick?


I'm really Pavel
Look at ;-).

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