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    SubjectRe: OpenBIOS (was Re: UDI and Politics (was Re: Linux, UDI and SCO.) )
    In article <199809200035.UAA18533@zugzug.cfar.UMD.EDU>,
    Adam Sulmicki <> wrote:
    > What I mean here is that I don't see my my BIOS need to have "Virus
    > Protection" or "date setup". But I would like to see my BIOS to provide
    > a) serial console support
    > b) support for netbooting.
    > c) booting over parallel port ;P
    > d) IR booting (variation of netbooting)

    Well, it sounds like you want to load the kernel into the boot ROM,
    which I understand is possible on the Alpha.
    Shields, CrossLink.

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