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SubjectRe: Implementing Meta File information in Linux (and a note at the end on current reiserfs status)
On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

> Just because layering can be done badly does not mean that layering is
> bad. libdb/libdbm etc. are useful. VMS takes it to extremes, with the
> OS providing RMS (Record Management Services) which perform high-level,
> network-aware transactional record and indexing services in a very
> general manner. As an ex-VMS maintainer, I can tell you that lots of
> applications use RMS, because it is so amazingly fast.

Yep, RMS rocks my world too. Wish we had something like that implemented
in Linux.

Heck, maybe I should implement a VMS style personality on top of Linux.
LinuxVMS sounds cool. :o) And what about that lovely DCL command language?


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