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SubjectRe: Linux, UDI and SCO.
On Sat, 19 Sep 1998 wrote:

> As has already been pointed out, a potential lossage would be using the
> argument that "I, and hundreds of others won't buy your hardware
> because it doesn't work with Linux" to encourage OEMs to release
> programming information. However, that can just as easily
> be replaced with "I, and hundreds of others ARE buying a competitors'
> device because it works better with Linux right now. I'd like to buy
> your device because the hardware specs are better, but right now your
> UDI-only driver sucks, so I won't". This may, in fact, work better.

They very minute that you read this, hundreds of windows boxen just locked
up world wide.

Because windows crashes/gpfs/hardlocks/bluescrrens so often on it's own,
many users accept shit hardware and drivers because it's hard to see the
difference bettween 1 lock and 3GPFs a week and 1.5 locks and 5GPFs a

Linux is not the same. People notice that the hardware/drivers are shit.
In order to please people, manufactures will have to put more effort into
UDI then they ever did for windows.

Look at all the people running NE2000s.. They are crappy cards.. For a
long time there have been simmlarly priced cards that were alot better..

'Because it works better' isn't enough.. It's gotta be 'it doesn't work at

Vendors can lie and point fingers about bugs in their binary drivers.

'It's not a bug in our driver, it's a kernel bug'.

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