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    SubjectRe: Linux, UDI and SCO.
    In <> Terry L Ridder ( wrote:

    In fact only one phrase added to UDI specifications could solve problem once
    and forever. "UDI driver must be released under GNU LGPL terms". But I'm pretty
    sure that this phrase WILL NOT be added since IMNSHO all UDI stuff is designed
    to take main Linux advantage in drivers problem: open-source per-reviewed
    drivers. For now all devices with binary-only drivers are in "unsupported"
    state under Linux. IMNSHO UDI is designed to make them "supported"... If phrase
    above will be added then both Linux community and commarcial Unix vendors will
    be satisfied but a lot of hardware manufacturers will be unhappy -- that's why
    it will not be included in UDI specifiation...

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