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    SubjectRe: Linux, UDI and SCO.
    > Again, Sun, SCO, etc. expect us to write UDI drivers for them.  If the 

    Which is strange. There is no point writing a UDI driver for Linux. Its
    much easier and faster to write a GPL'd driver optimised for the OS and
    using code thats already there. So few driver vendors have realised in
    advance what the GPL means in that respect.

    The ability to write a driver by saying "its sort of like this one so I'll
    copy it and fill in the blanks" is something people just aren't used to.

    In terms of UDI there is a much better thing than UDI support. Thats providing
    clean documentation explaining how to turn a UDI driver into a nice fast
    efficient Linux driver giving a list of equivalent functions etc.


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