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SubjectRe: Linux, UDI and SCO.
On Sat, Sep 19, 1998 at 07:02:18PM +0100, wrote:

> As far as I can see, the commercial x86-UNIX community will probably go
> with UDI, whether we're on board or not. Companies reluctant to release
> specs will probably release UDI drivers and tell everyone else to "support
> UDI, run Windows or shut up". If we don't support UDI, we won't get
> access to that hardware at all (at least without reverse engineering as is
> done at the moment, and presumably would continue to be done where
> permitted). If we do, we get access to more devices.

Time to reuse someone's cite from linux-kernel - ``This code fills 8 million
seats, we therefore deciede what's standard.'' We're no longer a leaf in
the wind.


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