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SubjectOpen letter to the UDI folks?
I'm thinking this business about UDI from SCO/Intel calls for a community
response -- basically, an open letter urging the consortium to include
OSD-conformant licensing of drivers as one of their conformance criteria.

Seems to me this is the kind of jawboning is precisely the sort of
thing we ought to be using my mainstream visibility for (current batch
of interviews upcoming: Upside, Fast Company, Le Monde, and the NY
Times business section).

I'm willing to draft that letter, and will invite signatories from the
LI Board and the kernel list. OTOH, if anyone else has a case that
they can do a better job, I will cheerfully defer to it.

I've looked for a contact address for the UDI people, but have yet to find
one. Anybody got a line?
<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

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while;s and map(stdout.write,map(lambda i,b=pow(reduce(
lambda x,y:(x<<8L)+y,map(ord,s)),e,n):chr(b>>8*i&255),range(o-1,-1,-1)))

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